Saturday, May 19, 2007

New Stuff On Etsy!

Lots of new stuff going on Etsy from me this weekend. Many "Bargain Bowl" beads! Check them out.

Other than that, I haven't done much today. Some laundry and cleaning--who needs to read about THAT?
Tomorrow we'll see "Shrek the Third" (I'll let you know how THAT goes) and then to the Valley Junction Spring Art Market. I do the one in the fall and I love to go to the spring show to actualkly SHOP and check out the other competition--er, I mean VENDORS! :-)

Should be great weather for them so that's good.
Blah Blah blah....I'm blabbing. I'm gonna go take a shower.

OH WAIT! I almost forgot! I painted the mailbox post PURPLE! My husband had NO say in it what-so-ever. I made an executive decision! I know some people have more creative mailboxes/posts than just plain purple, but it was at least a step in the right direction! I ended up at the end of our long driveway with my kids and a bunch of neighbor kids gathered around me. They all wanted to help paint, so instead of letting them do the post, I gave them rocks! Pretty cool. Now I have some art rocks for my garden AND a painted mailbox post. My poor husband is worried about what I'm going to paint next with the leftover paint! Mwahahaha! I have some ideas...don't worry!

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