Friday, August 29, 2008


We went on vacation this year. Last year I sent the kids with my husband to Colorado with the kids while I went to the Gathering! This year going to the Gathering was not an option for me, so I got to go on vacation too. My in-laws live in Boulder (can you get any better?) so we always have the perfect vacation destination! While we didn't carry our own camera around very much, my father-in-law is almost never without HIS. I don't have any of his pictures from vacation yet, and he and my motehr-in-law are now in AFRICA! They are even slated to go to a beadmaking factory!! Can't wait to hear all about that!

I love to go UP the mountains, but I do NOT like to come down!

ANYWAY... what has everybody been up to? It's been a long time (as usual!) since I've updated.
School is back in session here. I've got 3 kids in school and one who's already out. I've got a 1st grader (Owen), a 2nd grader (Quentin), and a JUNIOR in high school (Alexander). Wow! Where does the time GO? Owen, who is so fond of school, made that comment that 1st grade is BORING!! "You have to sit at your desk almost ALL day!" he said. He's missing kindergarten a lot I think! Quentin says, "Wait till you get to 2nd grade!" :-)
I kinda misss kindergarten myself sometimes and I sure could use a special nap mat with a designated time to use it!
***do you know that they don't even DO that anymore?! They sure did when I was in school, and I only went to kindergarten for a 1/2 day!***
Hope you all had a good summer. I feel like I'm way behind and since we've been back from Colorado, I've been feeling VERY restless. I'm a little caught up in the whole political scene and not feeling very inspired work wise. :-( Hopefully that will last only about a minute more and my muse will return!!