Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Goo Shoes

you turn your back on the four year-old for two seconds and he winds up in GOO SHOES!

For those of you who may want to make your own goo...for shoes or stress relief or whatever :

1C room temp. water

1C Glue ( regular school glue- 1C=two bottles)

Food coloring

1 1/3 C warm water

4T Borax (powdered-found with the laundry soap)


Mix the first three ingredients in a bowl, then the second ingredients in a separate bowl. Slowly pour glue mix into 2nd bowl but do not mix together. Roll glue mix around in Borax solution 4 or 5 times then life glue mix out of Borax solution and knead for 2-3 minutes. There will be Borax solution left over--you do not need to try to soak it all up with the glue mix.

That's it. You have goo! I woudln't say that it's non-toxic--doesn't SMELL non-toxic anyway. Don't eat it. This goo is akin to those containers of stuff you get out of the 50 cent "gumball" machines at Chuckie Cheese etc. Hours of fun. Don't let it get on the carpet! :-)


iSew said...

That's great, I'm going to forward the recipe to my friend who has 4 kids under 6.

Love the Snoopy shirt, btw.

Fellow Etsy Seller

Enthral said...

LOL! He is too cute. Reminds me of my own 4 year old.

knitsteel said...

My kids would love that stuff. What did you use to color it? I don't think my plain 'ol food coloring would give such vivid colors.