Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Make My Day!

In the spirit of focusing on the positive things that happen in my life, I'm thinking of starting a little section called, "Make My Day". Actually....the thing that REALLY gave me this idea was an email from a customer that I got yesterday after receiving her recent order. I don't have a picture of the necklace she bought, but it matched the "Abacus" bracelet she bought a while back.
Anyway, what she said in her email was this (I hope she won't mind my posting this!): "I got the necklace and earrings and I love them. I could wear them with a cow turd and I'd look great because no one would notice what else I had on!"
That is just about the funniest thing I've ever heard! I told her I should incorporate that into my logo! haha.
Anyway, that made my day. Thought I would share that with you.
Since that was actually YESTERDAY'S "make of the day", I should think of something for today....
Well, my little boys and I went to the park after school today and right when we got there I found a little Lego guy. That was pretty exciting for Quentin (6) because he's WAY into Legos. It was even a guy he didn't have, so that was cool. Don't worry, there were no other kids there that it could have belonged to. I could have left it in case someone came back for it but...I think my karma is safe for taking it. Ground scores are good.
Here's what's new tonight on eBay:

Ok, that's all for now, I've gotta go make some beads!

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