Thursday, October 23, 2008

Minnesota On My Mind

Boy I'm bad about blogging! I probably say it all the time, but I just don't know how some people keep up!
I DO want to let you know that I'll be in Minnesota this weekend for the Twin Cities Bead Bazaar! If you're in the area, it's a great show with many a cool vendors! :-) I'll be set up in the same booth as Amy's Creative Bead.
I also want to mention my IMMENSE gratitude to one of the coolest people in the world--Cathy Collison. If you don't know Cathy (where have you been? ha) she is the owner of
Glass Garden Beads and the creator of the famous Bottle Cap beads. Last weekend she was ever-so-amazing as to bring me THREE pounds of a certain green-colored glass that if you know me--you know I'm ALWAYS on the lookout for but am very rarely able to find. I'm not even going to put the name of this green glass in this post lest it might come up in someone elses desparate search for this coveted color! I bought all three pounds and I'm not sharing! :-) You know the cartoon with Daffy Duck..."It's mine! ALL mine!"
ANYWAY...Cathy is so great! I just love her so much, (even before the green glass!!) and if you ARE planning to come to the bead show this weekend, you can stop by her booth. You won't get to meet Cathy in person this weekend however because she's doing the South Central Minnesota Studio Tour which is a very cool thing too! So, I just wanted to give a little credit to Cathy and for my fellow bead makers let you know about my new stash!! :-)

Hope to see you at the show!