Sunday, November 23, 2008

OK, I Figured It Out....

The eBay template thing that is. Here's what's up there now.
A couple of the things I've moved over from my Etsy shop.

Quentin had his 8th birthday yesterday. We spent over two hours in Toys R Us trying to spend the birthday money that was burning the proverbial hole in his pocket. Some of that money he's had for more than a week so I was actually impressed that he didn't pressure harder to spend it before his actual day.

After the two hour Toys R Us stay and a quick trip over to Target just to "make sure" there was nothing better THERE we went BACK to the toy store and came home with this:

It's part of the Agent series. Pretty cool. Thank goodness for Dad and big brother Alex though... I think it would have taken more than a week to put together otherwise. All I can manage to do with the Legos are destroy them. I do like to set up the little guys though. :-)
On the way home from the toy store Quentin said, "We were in Toys R Us so long, it started to feel like we were in another world!" I had to agree!
ANYWAY... hope you're having a great sunday. Quentin's sister bought him silly string for his birthday, so I'll be spending some time today cleaning THAT up!

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Anonymous said...

Logos are the best! My husband and two girls spend hours with them.
Happy Birthday Quentin!