Monday, December 01, 2008

Cyber Monday

I titled this "Cyber Monday" but in truth, that's about all I really have to SAY about it! :-) I hope if you decide to shop online today that you find everything you're looking for and that you get free shipping ta boot! I know there's free shipping in my Etsy shop, you can go there! Here's some of what you will find (some have already sold):

They are some of my favorite discs to date!

Anyway, so did you eat all of your leftovers? If you didn't host Thanksgiving at your own home, chances are (like me) you may only have leftovers of your own contribution. Myself, I'm a little sick of green bean casserole and pie. I know that may sound a little like blasphemy. haha. Some time ago I started putting part of the French's Fried onions IN the casserole as well as on top. I don't think I'm going to do that anymore. Too much mush later when you want to eat it leftover. That's my two cents about green bean casserole.
Just now as I was writing this, every time I tried to type "bean" I would first type "bead". Go figure. I think that I should go make some green beads just for the opportunity to name them, "Green Bead Casserole"! There, a goal for the day.

We had a great time on Thanksgiving and I hope you did too.
Hope you have a great Cyber Monday as well!!!

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Those are really pretty!