Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I'm coming to you cordless!
My very special old computer mouse conked out (too much ZUMA!?!) dear husband hooked up a cordless that we had. Now....I don't mean to complain, but UGH! I hate change when it comes to things I have to use every day--often for hours a day! This mouse is HUGE! I drawfs my old IBM mouse and takes up my whole hand! My IBM mouse had a button in the center....this new-fangled cordless mouse has a WHEEL. I understand that wheels are for mice, I just think that mice with wheels belong in CAGES! haha. That's a joke---get it?
Nothing much else to say I guess. I've reduced the page numbers archived on this front Blog page so you will have to click back if you want to see some past posts. I did that so you could get to the bottom faster to see the larger version of my Etsy mini of favorites. Cool huh?
I'll be back later to pout some more when my dear husband hooks up the HUGE cordless keyboard that all the bells and whistles. Geeze. :-)

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Regina Gansen Rooks said...

I bet it's FREEZING in the torch porch. Love the new beads you have listed.
Good luck with that mouse. You will get used to it. Think of it as going from standard transmission to automatic. LOL