Sunday, January 20, 2008


My two youngest children have been up since 6:30. Quentin (7) has informed me that he's going to dump out the Lego box (all 35 gallons!) so he can make something really "COOL" (Maybe even something that I can put on You Tube!). You know what happens when the 7 year old dumps out the Legos though right? The 5 year-old (Owen) is going to need to dump out the 35 gallons of GEOTRAX to go with it.
We're in for a long day folks.
I haven't even made breakfast yet! I wish there was some place that would deliver bacon. :-)
I don't really have a whole lot else to say so I'll leave you with that thought.
Bacon. ha

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D' said...

Oh, do I remember those days!! I had 5 kids, who have now given me 7 grandchildren. I remember the remarks; "Enjoy them while they're young, dearie!" I wish I could've enjoyed them more, but I was too busy with crisis management, washing mountains of laundry, keeping older sibs from killing younger ones, and wiping you know what off the crib. It comforted me to think "This, too, shall pass." Now I can keep my house just as I like. I can have glass and ceramic objects. I can leave jewelry findings all over the place, and return to find them undisturbed. My grandchildren live far away, but oh, how I love them when I get to visit! We make all kinds of things out of paper, scissors, glue and crayon. We sing a lot. If they would sit still, I would read to them, but I'm lucky if we get one book in. So when you get time for a deluxe meal, make cheese sandwiches in the skillet with the lid on to help it cook more evenly, and tie their sweet little buns to the chair. Or something. lol Please take care of you. Nurture your soul, your emotional life, and your body, or how will you care for those most dear?