Friday, July 20, 2007


It's one day closer to the Gathering!! Only 6 more days for me! Some people are leaving earlier....but that's ok. I'm excited about my own time line. :-)

You only have until midnight tonight to get my Etsy "Beads Made To Order" at 1/2 price! There are still some left if you're interested!!

Here's some other new stuff that's going up on Etsy.

They will be sold seperately, so that's cool.

Have you ever had a REALLY important email that you were either trying to move to a "SAVE" folder or mark as "flag for follow-up" and instead marked it as SPAM--thereby deleting it forever AND blocking the address??? OMG I DID THAT!! I'm a little beside myself on that one. Any ideas? Share them with me PLEASE! Actually ANY time you'd like to share ideas with me, I love to hear them!

If you're near here, or willing to travel, you should check out our
Iowa Fringe Festival .

Cool stuff for us Theatre/Artist types! :-)

Ok, I'm off....hope everyone has a great weekend.

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