Monday, May 12, 2008

Grandma Lorna Wants to Save Second Base!

I hope you all had a great Mother's Day. I wanted to get this post done on Mother's Day--kind of like a tribute, but the message is still the same a day later.

My mother-in-law--aka: Grandma Lorna--is doing the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer !

Some of you may have guessed from this blog title, that this post was going to at least have SOMETHING do with breasts--right? Well, what's really funny, is that I had to EXPLAIN what second base even MEANT to my mother-in-law ! Doesn't matter--she's not really trying to save second base for the reasons that the term "second base" was coined anyway!

Let me tell you a little bit about my mother-in-law. She's pretty popular at our house, but unfortunately for us she LIVES in Colorado. Great for a vacation destination, but we miss out on a lot of baked goods and Sunday dinners being that she's so far away. (I'm just KIDDING! She doesn't even bake all that much and for dinner on Sundays she and my father-in-law just eat popcorn!) I just wish we lived closer is all I am trying to say.

Anyway, so Grandma Lorna (and Aunt Sarah) are going to do the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. I just think that's fantastic. My mother-in-law is such an inspiration and so commited to philanthropical causes, that I am completely and totally proud of that woman. That's right, no stereotypical mother-in-law for me folks--I got a good one! :-)

What else does she do? Well...she volunteers several times a week at the Medicine Horse ranch in Boulder. Mostly she MUCKS. Do you know what that IS? Cleaning out the manure and soiled bedding in the horse stalls. Wow.
It's a wonderful program and she loves being part of it.

She's also a doula. She's worked with several mother's pro-bono--cuz that's just how she is. She's part of the
Colorado Doulas Association . If you know anyone having a baby that's looking for a doula in the Boulder area--you should look her up!

She recently attended the
Conference on World Affairs (CWA) where she met a wonderful African woman who is part of
IPI (International Peace Initiatives)
. What's really cool is that the lady is from a part of Africa where my mother-in-law will be going this summer (third trip there!) so she is going to visit her when she gets there. My mother-in-law is buying jewelry supplies to take with her to donate to the IPI and also clothing and school supplies.
She's also going to tour a GLASS FACTORY while she's there! She better at least take some pictures for me!! :-)

So...that's about all I can say about Grandma Lorna right now. (After SHE reads this, she may have more to add--haha!)

***This isn't the reason I'm doing this blog BUT...if you would like to donate to ANY of my mother-in-law's causes, I'm sure she would be very grateful. If she had her choice right now, and you WOULD like to give something, I'm sure she would choose the Avon Breast Cancer Walk.

You can actually go to her

direct link
or my

(who still needs to meet her goal!) to donate.

If nothing else, you can just root for her. I know we are! Go Grandma!!


Lorna said...

This is the famous Gramdma Lorna here. I just finished reading this wonderful tribute to me. It makes me seem much better than I actually am but I will take this wonderful gift from a great daughter-in-law. What a nice surprise. It made me cry but in a good way, Thank you Tera. I wish I lived closer to my grandchildren but I sure treasure the time I do get to spend with them. They are great kids and such fun. I am a way better grandma than mother-in- law. Tera was being very kind.
Just so you know, I did know what second base was, I am not THAT old, YET! ha And if anyone does want to contribute to the Avon walk, please give to Sarah (it was actually her idea to do the walk)as she needs to reach her goal. My friends and family have been very supportive and I have reached my goal. If not, just wish us well. We will walk nearly 40 miles in two days.
Again, thank you Tera for the blog. It sure made my day. Love you, Grandma Lorna And one more thing,(well more than one) when you give back, you get way more than you give. I am very lucky to be able to help others in small ways. Mucking is my way of hanging out with the horses. Check out the programs at Medicine Horse Program. It helps so many. Being a doula is the most fun of all. To see a baby come into the doesn't get any better than that. And Africa, well..... if you saw how they live and how little they have anyone would want to help in any little way they can. The women are the backbone of the countries I have visited and it is them I want to help. So, thank you again Tera.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely posting about such a fabulous women. You are very fortunate to have her and I'm sure is to have you as well!! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful and inspirational women with us!! ~Sharon

grandmacarnes said...

I am having a hard time reading or seeing anything in purple here.