Sunday, June 03, 2007


WOW! How the time does fly! I've been busy planting, making beads, trying to keep all of my children together in places where I can find them....(Hmmm, what did she say?) and here's something:

Glass Spring into Summer SALE!

The Creative Glass Guild of Etsy (CGGE) is pleased to announce our


DATES: June 1st through June 7th

TIMES: 3pm EDT (Noon PDT, 9pm GMT) on June 1st through Midnight EDT June 7th

FOR: Glass enthusiasts and buyers

I THINK the easiest way to find all of these great Etsy Glass people is to do a general search for "CGGE" on Etsy. Lots of great stuff at great prices with lots of free shipping! :-)

In other news, I have yet to show you Star Wars mailbox pictures, and I KNOW you've been waiting for them.....(haha) so without further ado:

There was a really cool "Make My Day" thing that happened right after the boys put their letter in the box....a lady in an automatic wheelchair rolled up to put HER letter in the mailbox and I said, "May the force be with you!" and she said, "Well, to you too!". I got it all on video. It was cool. Not too many times when it's really appropriate to say that. OR...actually maybe it's ALWAYS appropriate, and we should all just say it more often.
Maybe I'll make a bumper sticker that says:
Weird? Ha! I bet a lot of people would think I was trying to say something about the days of the week.

What else? Don't know. Can't think of anything else right now.
Just remember, when in doubt, let the Wookie win!

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