Wednesday, June 20, 2007


"Busy, busy dreadfully've no idea what I have to do...." (from Veggie Tales)
So Owen turned FIVE on Monday. He's living proof (as are probably all five year-olds) that time does INDEED fly by. What's the dang hurry?

Anyway, I am trying my hand at video. I'm really only putting these here for my Mother-in-law's sake. You know how hard long distance relationships can be (she lives in Boulder, we're in Des Moines--that's IOWA for those of you who might not have heard!). It's especially hard for Owen with his Grandma Lorna. He figured out that she was "lucky" #7 on my cell phone speed dial....yeah well, I've since had to change that. In case my MIL wants to sleep in a tad later than 5:30am our time (which is 4:30 am HER time)--I thought it best for everyone.

So here are some videos I took with my camera on Owen's birthday. Remember, I'm not a professional. I don't even play one on TV!

This is basically just a test post. I may have to remove these later....
Hope your week is going well. Between Birthdays and Art Center classes and Art show preperations....I'm kinda wiped out. I need a nanny!

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