Friday, February 05, 2010

The New Year and Then Some

So, the last time I posted was back in OCTOBER!? Way back in 2009? Wow. I really AM boring I guess. Maybe boring but never bored. It's important to me that I shouldn't be bored. EVER. Always have something to do. With four kids, a husband, a cat and a business to run, it's not hard to find something to do. Just in case though, I always make sure I have paper and pencil, a good book and some beads with me--almost wherever I go.
ANYWAY.... I don't know where all of THAT came from!
HAPPY NEW YEAR! A little bit late but I mean it. :-) I do have some shows coming up. ----------> Check over there for event listings.
The Fire Divas are always good about posting on the Fire Divas' Blog:

There you can find all kinds of good stuff including Bead of the Day and info on things like the 4th Annual "One World One Heart" global blog event!! Pretty cool stuff--you should go check it out!

I'll have to get back with more updates soon (yeah I know, so don't hold your breath!) it's already past my bedtime tonight. Who's reading this anyway?
I'll leave you with some pictures from Narnia. Well ok, not REALLY Narnia--it's my yard. And they're from last week. Only 6 inches of snow to show THIS week. Not too very exciting--only 6 inches. :-)

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