Thursday, September 18, 2008

Treasury Tuesday?

Well, it's Thrusday! I missed Treasury Tuesday! It might take me a while to implement this new "event". :-) youngest child has lost his first tooth....we've had our first Cub Scout meeting....and some of the first pictures from Grandma Lorna's trip to Africa have come in. Grandpa has 3000 MORE, but it might be a while before I see any of those!

(Owen looses his first tooth)

(Grandma gets to kiss a Giraffe!)

(Brite shiny new Boy Scouts!)


Linda said...

Heeeee, you've been tagged! You're IT! Check my blog for information.
:) Linda

Studio Marcy - Marcy Lamberson said...

As much as I adore your beads, I find the bottom photo of the two new Boy Scouts absolutely charming. It's what life is really about, isn't it? people and family.