Saturday, March 01, 2008

Day After Leap Day

Oh I'm so bad about keeping my blog current! I'm sorry about that. I'm just sure that you don't need to hear about my unexplained all-over body swelling (that kept me from my torch for a week) or the YET ANOTHER bout of strep throat that has kept the kids home for most of this past week--SO....I procrastinate! :-)

There IS something blog worthy going on in our fair city that will even be made into a National Geographic show at some point I believe. There are crews in Downtown Des Moines THIS very minute preparing to move a 750 ton building !

It's the biggest mega-move to take place in America this year! Jeremy Patterson is the head of this moving crew. Pretty exciting.
My husband has been downtown with our 7 year-old (Quentin)since 7 this morning (scheduled moving start time). Supposedly it's slated to take about 8 hours for this move even though they are only going a few blocks with this building.
It's after 9am now and my husband just called and said they were going to try to drive to higher ground to get a better view.
Whew. I'll keep you posted.

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Regina Gansen Rooks said...

Hope you are ALL well & stay that way. I think most of us are having health challenges this winter. Is that building move so COOL! Preserving history, I love it.
Hope to see more of you. xoxo