Sunday, September 09, 2007

Monday Monday....

August 6th, was the last time I posted here??? Holy frijoles bead people!! Time flies! The kids are in school and it feels like I have less time now than ever! What's the dang deal? Doctor's appointments have been keeping me busy for one thing. Do you do that? Wait until everyone is in school to do all your Dr. stuff? Top that with the EXTRA Dr. stuff for my stupid herniated discs and well, I'm sure my insurance people LOVE me! Pffft!
Anyway, I still don't have a whole lot to say....
I'll remind you of my upcoming show (for those in the area):

Valley Junction
Fall Art Market
Des Moines, Iowa

September 16th 2007

Pray for nice weather please. The first year I did this show it was HOT HOT HOT, the second year it started of COLD and stayed windy most of the day although the sun did come out....third time's a charm. Sunny and 75 please, that's my order for the day! :-)

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More from me coming soon--I hope!
Have a great week!!

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